Vice Dean Vicentijevic trains the youngest

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Photo: Private Photo Library

At yesterday’s celebration of 76 years of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade, among the chosen ones was the 23-year-old Alexander Vicentijevic, who was re-elected on the position of vice-dean of the faculty.

That science and sport can be together, Alexander has confirmed. He has successfully studied for four years, but with a huge motive has dedicated to volleyball and coaching…

He provides the knowledge to kids who train at the club FSFV, and he was the assistant coach of men’s university team of Belgrade who won fifth place at the European University Games in Rotterdam in 2014.

– I’m glad that I was chosen again. Four years I have been training youngsters at the club Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, but I am not neglecting either learning,“ says Vicentijevic.

When he comes out of amphitheater, he goes to the volleyball court:

„I love to work with children. I am authority to them, but I enjoy my work. I played in the first and second year of college at the Championships of Belgrade,“ reveals Vićentijević.

He recalls the European University Games in Rotterdam:

– I was the assistant coach of our team. There was a strong competition, at the end we were fifth. There is a time, new competitions are in front of us, University League of Serbia, tournaments in another countries. University Sports Federation of Serbia and Belgrade, have invested a lot and have given us incredible support“, said Alexander Vicentijevic, a successful student and athlete.

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Photo: Private Photo Library