In the “volleyball” Mostar everything is ready for debut. The women’s team from this city, student volleyball club Mostar will be a participant of the Regional League. The current champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the university volleyball doesn’t hide that is honor to play in this competition, but they add that is a huge task in front of them.

Maja Jonjic, coordinator for volleyball in the regional league who is active volleyball player, has confirmed that a team of  Mostar and she cannot wait the start of the tournament:

-We already play our league, a student club Mostar. We defend first place and with the obligations in this section we will finish in February. As far as I know, the regional tournament should be played from April to June. I know that the competition system is like tournament, also that will be played three or four tournaments – is familiar with the details of Jonjic.

-We have already formed a team of 12 – 14 girls, how many needed to play. We are ready for the derby.

Maja Jonjic

Expectations of the premiere participation?

-This is the first time for us and I do not want to announce pompously anything, also I do not know the kind of quality other teams. I specifically requested from Podgorica and Split that they send who participates, but I did not get. Just to be a little more familiar. I expect to be in the golden middle – in cheerful tone ended Maja Jonjic, one of the main persona in charge of volleyball at the University of Mostar.