University Association for physical education of Yugoslavia was established in the 5 august in 1953. with the aim to organize and provide conditions for students who want to pursue sports as the most important part of extracurricular life.

At the beginning modest, and later Federation with the quality and popularity of student competitions grew more and more. To confirm this, is participation in the first Universiade in Turin in 1957, where our students and female students achieved outstanding results. Great reputation built over the worldwide has enabled the University of Physical Education of Yugoslavia to be the organizer of a large number of international events from which we highlighted the Universiade in 1987, which was held in Zagreb, as well as the Universiade held in 2009 in Belgrade.

Our Federation founded the European University Sports Association (EUSA) in 1999 in Vienna and it is one of the most successful members on the basis of actual sports results, as well as the number of organized competitions in our country says.

Federation in 1999 organized the 16th Championships in judo in 2002 in Novi Sad, then 4. World Karate Championship 2004 in Belgrade. Since 2006, the Federation works as a University Sports Federation of Serbia and from that time until today, has been organizer of the World University Championships in rowing, taekwondo and kayaking in Belgrade in 2008, mentioned the 2009 Universiade and the World University Futsal Championship 2010 in Novi Sad.

The Federation of 2012 was the first organizer of the World University Championship in Basketball 3 on 3 in Kragujevac.

Representatives of the Federation, since the establishment, has been participated in over 1000 international competitions where they won over 500 medals, at the Summer Universiade Games won 114 medals (31 gold, 46 silver, 37 bronze), while at the Winter Universiade won 26 medals (6 gold, 9 silver, 11 bronze). With these achievements University Sports Federation of Serbia is one of the most successful members of FISU and EUSA.