Important discussions, presentations of new projects, the development of university sports as a base for a professional sport, the announcements of the European Championships in 2015, those are events that have marked the Convention EUSA (European University Sports Association) which was held from 13th to 16th of November in Ljubljana.

kongres EUSA

Foto: EUSA

The capital of Slovenia hosted the University Sports Federation from around the region, Serbia represented, president Siniša Jasnić and Nenad Tanasijević, chairman of the Assembly (University Sports Federation of Serbia).

The impressions are, according to the president of (USFS) more than positive. Jasnić held a panel discussion, also met with the President of EUSA Adam Roček, while Nenad Tanasijević presented the European Championship in basketball “3 on 3” which will be held in Kragujevac in 2015 …

– It was very good, I am satisfied with how everything was and how our presence at the conference and panel discussions that we held has been significant. As always, we had a lot to show, we held the standard that we cherish all these years and as an union, but also the success of our selections in all major competitions, starting from the Regional League, through European and world championships for students – said Jasnić after return from Slovenia.

One new decision taken at the Convention EUSA is the addition of free climbing in a regular program of events:

– At first that was just a suggestion, but has passed and now the free climbing is officially a part of EUSA. From next year competition begins, and the host of European Championship will be the Polish Krakow – said Jasnić.

From this meeting, for Serbian university sport two things are very important. Our country has submitted a candidacy for the European Championship in rowing and football in 2017. In Cordoba, at the meeting of the Executive Committee of EUSA on 28th and 29th of November will be made a final decision about the host.